Tuesday, November 6, 2012

CPR and Safey Course "Date Night"

Last week Dino's grandma came and kept him while Dino's daddy and I had an "Infant CPR and Safety Course Date Night". Well, besides the frozen custard we picked up on the way home, I guess it doesn't truly classify as a date night, but it was a rare time alone without Dino. Although we realized that Dino has about a 1% chance of surviving childhood (at least that's how we felt afterwords), this course was well worth our time! We were one of the few couples in the classroom that was not currently pregnant, and I am not quite sure how these ladies coped with the stressful thoughts this class provoked!! We learned what to do if little Dino starts choking as well as how to perform CPR if ever needed. We also learned all about infant safety. Needless to say, our conversation the entire way home (and the rest of the night) revolved around everything we need to do to "baby-proof" our home and keep little Dino alive and well.

Ok, now to the food part! We had a really great eating week. Dino is really progressing with his eating skills and gagging very little now. He absolutely loves food and has not refused anything yet! Our independent little Dino tends to get pretty frustrated when he cannot get the food to his mouth and then again when all the food is gone. He has mastered picking up the food and bringing it to his mouth, but he is still working on opening up his hand to release the food.

Dino tried several new foods this week including salmon, butternut squash, peppers, meatballs, eggs, pickles, lemon, apples, tomato sauce, blueberries, meatloaf, and spinach.

When we went to a sandwich shop this week, we thought we would let him taste the pickle to see his reaction. Surprisingly (well not really), he loved it and did not want us to take it away (I was concerned with too much sodium in it). Then Dino's daddy decided it would also be great to see his reaction to lemon, so we offered him a lemon slice. He definitely made a funny face, but he wanted to keep eating it.

We will continue to try several new colorful foods this week! Here's a few of our dinners for the week:

 Baked chicken with sweet potatoes and brussel sprouts
Salmon with spaghetti squash, Italian spinach, and cornbread
Pesto chicken pasta with green beans and mixed veggies
Tuna patties with cauliflower mashed potatoes and black eyed peas

A few snacks/lunches include:

Spinach, cheddar and dill quiche muffins
Baked apples

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