Friday, October 19, 2012

An Avocado Mess!

"I'm ready to eat, Mom!"
Little Dino decided it was time for him to eat! He has been joining us at the dinner table for several months now, but the past few weeks he has become VERY interested in our food. He tries to reach our food and gets very upset when we hand him a toy instead. Last night he was not going to take it anymore! We were having guacamole with our dinner and since I was planning on avocado being his first food, we decided to go ahead and let him taste. We put his bib on, wiped down the table where his food would go, and sliced a few pieces of avocado for him.
Yay! He made it to his mouth!
He LOVED it....well the times he actually got it to his mouth before it slid out of his hands! He did get frustrated that he could not hold onto it. Within seconds there was a green mess on the floor, in his bib pocket, on his seat, and all over him. We have decided to try something less slippery for his next food. Maybe broccoli?

P.S. My plan for the floor-cleaning-pups didn't work out last night.  On the way home yesterday I heard on the radio foods that can make dogs sick and of course avocado was one of them! I didn't have a chance to look this up last night before it was time to clean the floor, but after investigating this morning- I realize it would have been fine. Apparently they can be poisonous to rodents, horses, and birds but the only harm towards dogs is the pit (which was removed) causing them to choke.


  1. I have heard a good way to make food less slipper would be to roll it in crushed cheerios or better yet, wheat germ. Looks like fun!

  2. That is a fantastic idea...or maybe flax meal? We will definitely have to try that next time. Thanks for the suggestion :)