Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Little Dino's Plan

In just 15 more days my little Dino will turn 6 months! Although this is the time for many milestones, I am most excited about introducing him to real food! Over the next 15 days, I will be digging through research to develop our plan. You may be thinking to yourself, “A plan?? Why not just start with the typical cereal as his first food?” A few reasons. I love having a plan for everything (even though I have learned that most things don’t go as planned). I research/question everything- this may be due to my curiosity in life and needing to know the reasoning (or lack of) behind typical recommendations. And lastly, as a research dietitian, it just seems natural to browse through the latest research for the most updated findings. During the next two weeks, I will be answering the following questions and sharing my findings with you.
1.       What will be his first food?
2.       How should I prepare his first foods?
3.       Do I need to purchase any feeding supplies?
4.       Being exclusively breastfed up until this point, are there any nutritional concerns to be noted?
5.       How will I incorporate solid foods while continuing to breastfeed?

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