Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Mama Called the Doctor and the Doctor Said...

As I began my research on baby led weaning (BLW), I read several moms talking about their babies gagging a lot in the first few weeks of learning how to eat solid foods. I had already accepted the idea that Dino would gag and make terrible noises, but this was normal and how he would learn to eat. I watched videos of other babies gagging so I would know what to expect. We signed up for infant CPR and safety class so we would know what to do if he started choking. I was prepared. I thought.

On the menu for the evening was steamed carrots along with the Southern traditional dish of chicken and dumplings. He was loving the taste of the carrots, and then it happend! Gagging noises- eyes watering- Dino crying-Mommy crying (almost). He then worked the carrot out and all was great again. This happend a few more times, but it did not stop him from eating. Later on that night, he started making this crazy noise like something was caught in his windpipe. He would do it every few minutes and started getting his mom and dad a little (ok... a lot) concerned, so we called the doctor. We described what was happening and she said it sounded ok and not to worry about it but just keep an eye on him...which means no sleep for mom and dad! He did fine through the night, but in the morning he started making the terrible noise again. We made the executive decision to take him to the doctor to get everything checked out.

Dino's dad took him on in to see the doc. While waiting to hear the doctor's verdict, crazy thoughts were running around in my head. "I should have never fed him this way. I am going to have to take my blog down. I will just breastfeed him forever and never give him real food. Will I go to jail if something happens to him since I chose to feed him a not "normal" way? Why do I do weird things like this??" Finally the phone rang. Dino's dad was calling with the news from the doc. Apparently we have a "super healthy little boy" that is learning to play with his voice. What?? Seriously?? The doctor said he probably got a reaction when he made the crazy noise ( would she know that?) and kept on doing it. So now what?

Back to plan. He had broccoli and sweet potatoes last night and all was well. My sanity is slowing returning.

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  1. Scary story with a happy ending!! I'm glad he was OK