Monday, October 22, 2012

Out on the Town

Enjoying his "KayKay Toast"

Pretty sure this kid is going to be a lover of food (like his mom and dad)! We were out of town all weekend, so he had mostly Mama Milk. Friday night we went to dinner with his KayKay and Pappaw at the oh-so-fancy Cracker Barrel. After searching through the menu, I had decided to order Dino the steamed baby carrots. I made sure to ask the waitress if anything was added to the carrots. She told me that they add butter and sugar to "give them a really good taste". I would be ok with the added butter, but didn't want the back to the menu! I remembered hearing others say how much their babies loved "toast fingers", so we thought we would give that a try and ordered plain toast. When it came to the table, I cut it into strips (thus the "finger" part) and offered it to Dino. He really seemed to like it. It was very easy for him to hold while he sucked and nibbled on it a little bit. Plus, there was very little mess compared to the avocado! I had ordered a sweet potato with my meal and wanted to let him try a bit. After a failed attempt of handing him a bite in a preloaded spoon, my mother-in-law suggested a wonderful idea! Spread the sweet potato on the toast. Perfect! He really enjoyed the toast topping (aka "KayKay toast") and was not happy when it was all gone. It was a great first eating experience at a restaurant!

Oh and notice his make-do cloth diaper bib! Mommy forgot a bib, but thankfully the toast was not very messy!

So, what have your little ones eaten at restaurants? This worked out great, but I would love more ideas!

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